Rossano Ferretti Detangling Spray - Dolce

protective and detangling spray
100 ml/3.4 fl.oz.

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A no-rinse detangling spray, which protects the hair from heat styling and UV exposure, eliminating frizz and adding moisture, strength and shine. Rich in hydrolyzed proteins, it helps to prolong hair colour. For all hair types, especially for colour-treated hair.

Spray 6-8 times on wet hair 8 inches away. Comb through and proceed with blow-drying.

POLYQUATERNIUM-4,POLYQUATERNIUM-7,HYDROLYZED WHEAT PROTEIN, HYDROLYZED SWEET ALMOND PROTEIN, HYDROLYZED RICE PROTEIN: This functional active is excellent in helping disentangling hair strands. It neutralizes negative electric charges while forming a film that lubricates and protects hair strands. The first visible result is the reduction of hair dryness. This is because the more substantive the film, lower the transepidermic loss of water (TWEL) will be. Concomitantly, the “fly-away" effect will be prevented. This functional active imparts softness, volume and smoothness to the hair. In curly hair, it forms a transparent film on the curls in such a way that curls will be preserved and fixed without presenting the undesirable build-up effect. It allows the hair to be combed more easily, promote great shine and a slippery feel the proteins derived from plants, particularly from wheat, are more substantive to hair.


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